Our focus is to provide innovative, easy-to-use products that farmers and companies can use to improve their production.

Current clients include independent growers, software developers, soil test laboratories, crop consultants, insurance agencies, commodities companies, traders, and major ag chemical companies developing seed technologies and new production methods.


Agrible in the News

"Agrible has a new tool to help the farming community by giving users the power of aerial insights. Pocket Drone Control is new software technology that makes drones easy to use and effective."

Field to Market Announces New Metrics Platform Integrations

"The integration provides commodity crop producers with a seamless solution for assessing sustainability performance of their management practices by utilizing tools from qualified data management partners."

Big data, robotics lead THRIVE top 50

"The companies that made this year's list from across the country and around the world are divided into six categories: biotech, cloud services, big data, robotics, connected devices, and infrastructure and supply chain."

17 Agriculture Apps That Will Help You Farm Smarter in 2017

"Pocket Rain Gauge from Agrible brings accurate, location-specific rainfall measurements delivered instantly."

Tech transition: Ag companies expected to consolidate, innovate

"There are many new tools available or coming that can help farmers determine profitability as the cost of production changes."

7 ag-tech startups with the right ingredients

"The four-year-yield firm in Champaign, Illinois was founded by agronomists, atmospheric scientists and software developers that are using predictive analytics to help growers improve yields."

Design is fine art- CUDO Pro Show

"[The] charming drawings illustrating the various stages of corn growth are part of a different tool that helps farmers track the maturity of their crops."

Corn Growers offers tool to guide anhydrous timing

"The association's Green Means Go map, created with staff at Agrible, is a response to a need for a decision-making platform to guide nitrogen and other fertilizer applications."

Agrible adds 5 new crops to Find My Seed, free and independent seed selector tool

"Find My Seed now includes thousands of varieties of wheat, barley, peanuts, oats, and cotton. The update also adds the latest third-party seed trials to ensure that growers receive the most accurate seed data available."

Agrible Working with Deere Ops Center

"Growers who sign up for the Morning Farm Report can click through to the John Deere site, choose Agrible as a 'trusted partner,' and have information uploaded for them."

Cotton Cultivated Website Adds Custom Weather Feature 

"Cotton Cultivated - Cotton Incorporated's producer-centric website - now features a new weather tool tailored for cotton growers."

Find My Seed Provides Free and Valuable Seed Data

"Find My Seed makes it easy for growers to find the right seed based on the factors that are important to them, such                                            as location, soil type, seed technology, brand and more"

Agrible Alien Rooster Lands at #FarmProgressShow

"Find My Seed makes it easy for growers to find the right seed based on the factors that are important to them, such                                            as location, soil type, seed technology, brand and more."

Young ag app developer mixes interest in technology, weather

"When he was 16 years old, Bliss Chapman started working as a software developer for a company that creates                                                            analytics tools to help farmers improve productivity
                                           and sustainability on their farms."

Morning Farm Report launches Nutrient Engine

"The Advanced Nutrient Engine app provides a 14-day outlook for famers to plan fertilizer applications. The model forecasts nitrogen and phosphorus loss by day, nutrient needs to maturity, availability of nitrogen and phosphorus in inorganic and organic form and uptake efficiency."

Agrible’s Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program Now Inside Morning Farm Report

"The Sustainability Sourcing Yield Program integrates useful sustainability metrics into Agrible’s Morning Farm Report to measure and report field-level performance of several row crops, including corn, soybean and wheat crops."

How Agrible is Making it Easier for Growers to Measure their Sustainability Practices

"This is the company’s next big step towards addressing challenges in sustainable agriculture — particularly, the challenges that growers face as sustainability becomes more of a requirement, not just an option."

Morning Farm Report by Agrible Recieves Ag Data Transparent Seal

"The seal confirms that Agrible's ag data contract is both transparent and simple, and that growers can be confident that Agrible is trustworthy and upfront about data ownership and usage."

Putting data to work 

"This Champaign, IL based firm works to turn data into useful information and is also      associated with a wide range of other data-based services."

Agrible Launches Nutrient Forecasting, Spray Smart Features

"Tools like Advanced Nutrient Engine, Spray Smart, Drone Plan, and Field Story have been added to the yield estimates, fieldwork recommendations, and weather forecasts already provided by Morning Farm Report."

Agrible: The farm in your phone

"What exactly does Agrible do? They mine high resolution data and convert it into materials that are easily relatable to farmers and help to inform farming practices. More simply put, at Agrible, they are data experts."

10 Illinois Startups to Watch Based Outside of Chicago 

"This predictive analytics company is among the fastest growing in Urbana-Champaign's research park. The company specializes in predictive analytics tools for farmers and growers, and their flagship product is the Morning Farm Report that offers field-specific data and forecasts." 

Morning Farm Report Puts Weather on Doorstep

"Morning Farm Report (MFR), produced by Agrible, is a feature-rich platform that details weather-related conditions on farms and predicts how those conditions will change to affect crops and growing operations, allowing growers to look forward and make actionable decisions based on MFR information."

Agrible helps farmers control, harness own farm data

"Farm data company Agrible plans to help farmers tame big data beast."

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