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Our API gives access to the primary data that Agrible uses in all of its calculations and models. We're currently working with many large agricultural and non-agricultural companies to provide enterprise-level data access catered specifically to their needs. It's also perfect for building your own science-based applications or for getting direct access to the best field-level data out there.

The primary variables available include Rainfall, temperature, and growing degree days (currently using the 86/50 method). All of the data is spatially correct for scientific usage in any agronomic calculation and can be requested from the current date or up to 14 days in the future.

The API is configured to deliver up-to-the-hour accurate data. Today’s date represents the last 24 hours of rainfall, updated at the top of the hour. There can be a one day provisional period for Rainfall data and up to a 2-day provisional period for temperature data. The API currently covers the Continental United States and contains data from 2002.

API documentation can be found here

It's the best data available at just the right time.

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