• We help growers find value in the supply chain
  • We make software to help growers streamline operations
  • We’re fiercely independent

Who We Are

We’re growers, agronomists, atmospheric scientists, and developers who build world-class tools in the heart of the heartland. We’re headquartered in Champaign, Illinois, where it’s only a few steps from the farm gate to our office doors.

Oh, we also have experience in 80 countries and we’re rapidly expanding.


What We Do

We help you meet your demands.

Whether that’s timing field-work, or proving sustainability to your customers—it all starts with nurturing what’s in the ground.

We pride ourselves on getting the weather right. That focus on accuracy powers our proprietary crop modeling system, which is the core of our Morning Farm Report® software. Growers get field-level insights to help them make the best decisions possible for their farm, and improve production. That’s “The insight to decide.”


Why We Do It

Because taking care of the world means taking care of the world’s growers.


Affiliations and Awards